Unleash Your Creativity: Exploring Unlimited Customization Possibilities

Posted by Denis Terentev on

Custom wallpaper

A highly stylized Madison Ave. apartment owner provided Mike + Ally with her floral and sea grass bathroom wallpaper. 
Send us your wallpaper.


Specialized Colors

A UK designer requested a color study for their client’s chateau heliport, gun room, gaming lounge, media, spa and grand salons.
Request a special color.


Bespoke Gemstone

Blue Agate and Leopard Sodalite were hand built to match the luxury cabins of a recently launched 37m Lürssen super yacht.
Looking for a unique gemstone?


Limitless Color Palette

A trendy bath/linen retailer needed to capture the vibes of his downtown Miami clientele.  Lipstick Red was his color of choice.
Do you need a special color for your market?


Tailored Patterns

An Islamic pattern was created special for a premier luxury villa in Riyadh. 

Send us your pattern.



Swarovski pave perfume bottles were supplied for the ‘celebrity suites’ of an L.A. Gala event.
What would you like stoned?


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