Interior Designers + Architects

 Mike + Ally provides a unique set of services that will assist you in furnishing your clients luxury bathroom suite.  

Most Collections are available in a choice of over 45 hand enamel colors.  We offer a color swatch chart delivered 2nd day at a cost of $35.00. You can also view the color chart online.

On the occasion a client prefers to match a particular tile, wallpaper or counter color – Mike + Ally provides a custom color matching service.  A 5” x 5” strike off will be matched to your sample. This is a meticulous process and requires 2 weeks lead time. The cost is $100.00.  One follow up revision can be made.

If you are a local designer or visiting New York City, we welcome you and your client to visit our working studio. There you can work with Ally to sample collections and colors first hand. 

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