Product Care and Warranty


Lucite: Ideally, specialized products like Novus No.1 or Brillianize should be used. If not available, a mild solution of soap and water is safe for cleaning. Do not use window cleaning fluids (keep away from Ammonia). A clean microfiber cloth is best.

Enamel : A damp cloth with a mild solution of soap and water can be used safely.
None of the collections are intended to be submerged or stand in water. Do not
place in dishwasher. A clean microfiber cloth is best.

Pumps: Emollients may eventually clog pump. Remove metal pump from lotion bottle and soak in warm water to unclog. Mike + Ally offers replacement pumps for a charge of $30.00 + freight.


Mike + Ally products are handcrafted by artisans. Small irregularities in shape, surfaces and finishes are hallmarks of such craftsmanship and are not defects.

Mike + Ally warrants that merchandise will be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of one (1) year from shipment date, provided that the merchandise is used as reasonably intended and has not been altered or modified. This warranty does not apply to the extent that merchandise: (a) has not been handled, maintained or used in accordance with Mike + Ally’s instructions or in a reasonable manner, or; (b) has been damaged by accident, negligent or external factors.