How much time should you spend in the bathroom?

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Over the past decade, bathroom interiors have grown larger, more luxurious and less utilitarian.  The footprint has dramatically increased to an average range of 115 sq f t to 210 sq ft for a primary bathroom.  Homeowners are using the space as an inner sanctuary, a place to disconnect as the only private room in the house.  Rather than shinny surfaces and mirrors, interior designers are embracing the trend by creating a more gentle and friendly room décor.  Free standing bath tubs, printed wall paper, wall art, chaises and luxury bath accessories all play an important role.  The latest technology envelops the room making use of Kohler blue tooth shower head speakers, LED interactive vanity mirrors and Toto smart toilets.

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But too much time spent in the bathroom, regardless of how relaxing it can be, can also be detrimental to one’s health.  For those who love to sit on the toilet and read their Aveeno shampoo bottle or Vanity Fair magazine, this may come as bad news to you.   According to experts, just sitting on a toilet for long periods of time compresses nerves in the perineum, and can lead to temporary numbness, which normally resolves within seconds to minutes of standing.  Five minutes is the benchmark for anything to happen without straining or pushing. 

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Five minutes appears to be the key number in many bathroom activities.  The recommended maximum shower time is between 5-10 minutes.  The average is actually 8 minutes although I am not sure how this data was gathered.  Apparently, this is the ideal time to both cleanse and hydrate the skin without overdoing it.  Warm or hot showering for prolonged periods strips away natural oils and opens up the pores allowing moisture to escape.

So the next time you need to escape – head to the bathroom and surround yourself with music, luxury bathroom accessories and a good book.  But don‘t overstay the visit and use skin moisturizer!

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