What's in Ally's bathroom?

Posted by Allison Rosson on

People always ask me what bath accessories I have in my bathrooms.  For a number of years, it was very much like the cobblers children never having shoes. The old proverb is that the shoemaker was always too busy making shoes for his customers.  And as a result his wife and children went shoeless.

In the same way, my bathrooms were decorated with samples and one-offs for a  number of years.  Then one day my mother-in-law came for dinner and I was shamed for not having more refined bathroom accessories.  The next day I selected a collection- but it never got shipped as it kept being taken for customers orders.  Eventually the collections were shipped in their entirety and now adorn my master bathroom.

So which set did I select?

Lucite is something I grew up with in the 70's  and to this day favor among all the collections.  The more embellished Mike + Ally designs stylize the guest bathroom - but white Lucite is in my master bath. It is sleek, modern and minimalist. The profiles are clean and linear- no fuss. And nobody does it better than Mike + Ally.  Our Lucite is hand built without bubbles or any hint of seams.  We use American made 3/8" sheets....the imports don't come close to matching our quality!






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