What is the finest Marble in the World??

Posted by Bill Rosson on

Of course...Italian Stone!


Marble quarries can be found in a number of countries and regions, the greatest exporter being Turkey, which is responsible for nearly 50%. Not far behind is Italy, followed by smaller quantities from Greece, Iran and Spain. Brazil is known to produce a quality marble, but it is Italy that still reigns supreme as the country with the most prestigious, highly crafted and prized marble. 

Of all the varieties of marble mined in Italy, it can be confidently said and Calacatta, represent the most sought after luxury marble in the world.  Which one is better is really a matter of what characteristics you are looking for in your interior design project.

The predominant color in both stones is white, but Calacatta has a slightly more cream color and wider, dramatic veins. It can also be found in other color variations ranging from gold to brown veins.  Whereas Statuario has softer and feathery, linear grey stripes. The colors tend to be consistent.   They are both the rarest forms of marble and therefore the most expensive.  

Both of these stones come exclusively from the quarries in Carrara, Italy.  It’s somewhat confusing that the more familiar Carrara marble is mined there as well – but for centuries Emperors, Popes and sculpturers have visited Carrara to select Calacatta and Statuario for the most renowned edifices and celebrated works of art. 

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