Spinning with Swarovski

Posted by Allison Rosson on

When the chips are down, as they currently are with the pandemic, it's best to innovate.  What else is there to do?  This way when the vaccine is finally discovered and the world needs luxury bath accessories once again, Mike + Ally will be in the forefront.

After furloughing our workers back in March, Bill and I prepared 'care packages' of bath accessory components for a few workers that we kept on staff.  We set them up with mini studios at home and were able to prepare collections that could be completed once the full staff returned. Late at night, we would drive to their homes and do pickups and deliveries.  We hit the ground running in June.

We also had much time to reflect on the collection moving forward and decided that after surviving the economic woes of this crisis, we would put our efforts in creating higher luxury bath accessories.  Mike + Ally never was and will never be an everyday household item. We create functional beauty for the ultra high end market, whether it be for  Saudi King Salman's summer palace in Tangiers or the Presidents 'Blair House' for guests in DC - we want to always offer the best in class.  That is why we are partnering with Swarovski Crystals for the upcoming 2020/21 season.  Pandemic or no pandemic, we will continue to offer our clients the pinnacle in luxury bathroom accessories.

To show off Ally's unique Swarovski designs, we will be using innovative 360 degree spin photography.  You will be able to see the backs, fronts and sides of all the collections  - in lieu of attending a trade show.  For social distance purposes, we contracted with a mobile spin service, the newest and by far the coolest way we have ever shot a catalog to date.

You can't stop moving....



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