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Best in Class Lucite....

 In a world full of gorgeous material, Lucite’s rich history makes it one of our favorites to work with. In fact, we’ve mastered the art of creating our bath accessories with Lucite. Mike + Ally is proud to be the only company to offer luxury bathroom accessories made of genuine Lucite. All of our Lucite designer bath accessories are impeccable and carefully crafted by our artisans. Each gorgeous piece is hand cut and hand glued to ensure a virtually seamless look.  We use ⅜” thick Lucite; the benchmark in the industry. Each luxury bathroom accessory is hand-polished to further show off its clarity. You won't find a hint of cloudiness or bubbles in our lucite pieces as you might encounter with others on the market. With stunning color choices including clear, smoke, white, and black, we can accommodate any style.

 What is Lucite

Lucite is a transparent material known for being lightweight, scratch-resistant, shatter-resistant, and extremely durable. In fact, it is often classified as glass and commonly referred to as acrylic glass. Invented by the DuPont Corporation in 1931, polymethyl methacrylate has been a constant in many industries over the decades. The acrylic resin material has been used as a glass substitute and in various furniture pieces due to its strength, flexibility, and resistance to many harsh climates. Lucite can also be easily tinted with dyes or even made opaque.

 The History of Lucite

 Lucite’s Role in World War II

Lucite is known for its virtually transparent state, resistance to water and UV rays, and its undeniable strength. It also offers the benefits of being heat and chemical resistant while being cost effective. In fact, it was the perfect choice of material when, during World War II, aircrafts needed reliable windows that provided both protection and viewing quality. Lucite has excellent clarity, bullet resistant protection, and did not add much additional weight to the aircraft. It became regularly used by the military for aircraft windshields and gun turrets. It was also noted to cause less serious injury in the event the windshield was shattered and threatened a pilot's eyesight. The military continued to use Lucite for submarine periscopes, the noses of bombers, and cockpits.

 Following the war, the process of making lucite was shared with various countries. Accredited with helping the US win the war, lucite later became a staple in rebuilding throughout Europe.

The New Accessory Obsession

Lucite Livens Up the 1930s

Lucite was also licensed to costume jewelry makers around the world. Jewelry designer Trivari was the first to create large imitation crystals from lucite. His creations were used as the bellies of the infamous Jelly Belly animal brooches. Vintage Trivari jewelry soon took the world by storm as his designs graced the necks, ears, and wrists of Hollywood and Broadway celebrities.

 The 40s and 50s

Throughout the 1940s and 50s, lucite was the standard in costume jewelry. Bold colored bangles and rings, beads, and ornaments were everywhere. Designers began to incorporate embellishments including rhinestones, shells, glitter, and more.  When kept in its natural transparent state, Lucite made beautiful crystal-like jewelry pieces. When dyes were added,  the possibilities were endless. Lucite created the perfect mid-century modern look with the ability to easily be carved to create additional design features.  

 The 60s and 70s

As fashion evolved, so did lucite. It became used to design handbags and stiletto heels. The 60s soon saw pop art and "cheap and trendy" fashion take over. Lucite became mass produced as flower pins and colored bracelets. Yet at the same time, Lucite was also being marketed as a high fashion, bold black and white “architec-jewel." Although the 70s saw the Lucite disco platform shoes, Lucite’s costume jewelry days had died down.


The Master of Lucite Furniture

Referred to as a "pioneer in acrylic design," Charles Hollis Jones developed a line that became his signature: acrylic and metal furniture. Around the early 1970s, Jones founded and opened his own studio; CHJ Designs. As a brilliant furniture designer, Jones was recognized by both the Smithsonian Institution and a multitude of celebrities who couldn't wait to get their hands on his work. Stars including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Johnny Carson were among those to own his brilliantly designed Lucite furniture pieces.


Jones has often shared his recollections from first working with Lucite. He recalls how living and designing in California revealed something interesting during the time he was working primarily with enamel, glass, and ceramic. The earthquakes he began to experience in California often posed the threat of breaking pieces he and his company had worked on. Working with Lucite offered not only a shatter resistant material, but also a material with incredible strength and low density. What he also began to notice was its fascinating ability to capture and carry light. Lucite, which reflects light, offered him a brand-new direction to explore with his designs.


Jones often marveled over the ability to work with Lucite in what he considered luxurious measurements. The thickness of typical household furniture material, which was usually not more than three-quarters of an inch, didn’t compare to lucite’s inch and a half thickness. And when asked how he connected to lucite, he recalled being in awe of four-inch thick lucite table tops in the American Embassy in London. It was his first encounter with the material, and he was hooked. 


Lucite Throughout the Home

Lucite's incredible durability and scratch-resistance continued to make it an excellent choice for various uses throughout the home, including luxury bathroom accessories and added hardware. The long-lasting material creates a luxurious bathtub with its high gloss shine and ability to mold and form into any shape desired. It is also commonly used in both decorative and practical handles and knobs on doors and cabinetry, as well as luxury bathroom accessories such as decorative shower rods.


Designer Bath Accessories

At Mike + Ally, we’ve perfected the art of crafting with Lucite. Our Lucite line of luxury bathroom accessories is made in four stunning color options. Our artisans expertly hand cut, assemble, and polish each piece, ensuring perfection before your designer bath accessories are delivered to your home. Lucite’s luster and minimalist appeal make it the perfect choice for any bathroom in your home.


Ice Clear Lucite Collection

Our Ice Clear Lucite Collection is a staple in our designer bath accessory line. The crisp, transparent look of our Ice Clear allows you to add our luxury bath accessories to your bathroom without the need to completely redecorate. You’ll adore the Ice Lucite’s ability to fit in with the look and feel of any decor you currently have.


Ice Black Lucite Collection

Our sleek Ice Black Lucite Collection is a bold choice for any bathroom. The possibilities are endless with each of the Ice Black’s luxury bath accessories.  From the stunning black and gold Black Lotion Pump to the handsome Vanity Tray — perfect for his shaving accessories — you’ll fall in love with each polished piece in the collection.


Ice Smoked Lucite Collection

When we create a stunning line of luxury bath accessories, we hold nothing back. If Ice Clear and Ice Black don’t appeal to you, maybe our Ice Smoked Lucite will turn your head. Our Ice Smoked line creates a rich, inviting feel. Create a contemporary look in your master bath with select designer bath accessories or the entire collection. Utilize the gorgeous Ice Smoked Lucite Vanity Tray for your cosmetics and toiletries. If you’re working with a smaller space, organize them in the Smoked Tumbler and add the gold or silver accented Smoked Lotion Pump.


Ice White Lucite Collection

If you want luxury bath accessories, you’re about to see we mean business. For those of you with a retro passion, our Ice White Lucite Collection is literally made for you. Straight from the era that made lucite all the rage in fashion and interior design, Ice White brings the look and feel of the 60s and 70s to your bathroom. Each designer bath accessory in the Ice White line adds a bit of modern flare. Turn your master bath into a haven that takes you back each time you step into it. It just doesn’t get much cooler than this.


Ice Accessories

Our lucite collections just wouldn’t be complete without a few fabulous accessories to add on. Continue the crisp, clean lines of the lucite collection with our 3X Magnifying Mirror or expertly crafted Hand Towel Stand. But if you’ve got your heart set on the Ice White Lucite Collection, the matching vanity countertop organizers are a must. Polished to perfection, your Trinket Organizer, Brush Organizer, and Vanity Organizer will take care of all your organizational needs in style. These three fashionably chunky Ice Organizers will undoubtedly complete your look.


With such a rich history, it’s no wonder lucite is one of our favorite materials to work with when we create breathtaking designer bath accessories. With durability surpassed by none, sleek lines that demand attention, and four versatile color collections to choose from, lucite makes the perfect collection for your home. Add your favorite collection to your cart now! 



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