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What's in Ally's Head....

There is no telling when or where my inspiration comes from in designing new Mike + Ally collections.  But for the upcoming season, many of the design ideas came from  recent travels.  Like a writer, there are times when I suffer from  writer's block and other times when it just flows....normally when practicing Iyengar Yoga.

Call it weird, but I am attracted to doors wherever I travel.  I fell in love with all the doors painted blue on the Island of Panarea off Sicily.  The color was actually named Panarea Blue but unfortunately didn't translate to the bathroom.

In Paris, just about every apartment has a wonderful, oversized door shielding the inner courtyards from the street noise. I used the idea of the accent border from this Paris door on Rue Jacob in Paris on the new Fiona Collection.   

It's not all about doors, I love walking the design and boutique districts in cities to see what's new in the market.  Not every collection needs to be so serious and that's why I am drawn to fashion houses like Etro and Dolce and Gabanna.  Their rich and intricate colors with overlapping patterns are counterintuitive to me - but it certainly works for them.  I've toned it down a bit and created our new Bouquet Collection.


Bill and I will be traveling to the lush Azores Islands off Portugal this upcoming Spring - nature will be the prevailing influence.



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