High End Bath Accessories

Luxury Bathroom AccessoriesElegant Bathroom Sets for the Luxury Bath Interior.

Mike + Ally's exquisite range of high-end bathroom accessories transforms the bathroom into a place of sanctuary and retreat. Enriching the bathing experience, these accents of stunning designs in luxurious materials provide just the right measure of class and sophistication.
Exclusive designs have been created for discerning clientele who want to be surrounded by their own brand of luxury, often monogrammed and personalized to their taste.
Mike + Ally collections feature in many upscale hotels, yachts, 5 star resorts and spas. With a wonderfully diverse range of bathroom accessories sets in different finishes, colors, and styles, these beautiful products always enhance the interior.
Monochromatic and neutral designs bring natural beauty to the bathroom sanctuary, whilst providing unobtrusive practical storage options and functionality.
Grey Bathroom Accessories
Intricate, jewel-encrusted collections convey taste and serenity, showing elegance and luxury in their selection to enhance the bath time experience.
                     Black Bathroom Accessories                          
Bolder hi-tech colors provide bright accents to update and refresh the decor, creating beautifully coordinated highlights whilst keeping the area looking pristine and well equipped.

Exclusive, personalized designs are available for any of Mike + Ally high-end bathroom accessories or sets. Consider the beautiful and practical addition of highly functional works of art that include:
-        soap dispensers for bathrooms
-        tissue box covers
-        waste baskets
-        luxury toilet brush holders
-        bathroom tumblers
-        bathroom canister sets
-        guest towel trays
Convey opulence and luxury with a single item or collection of matching high-end bathroom accessories from Mike + Ally.
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