What are your products made of?

All our enamel products use a two part enamel epoxy resin. The base forms are either made of wood or metal/glass.  Artisans apply the enamel resin to the forms using various techniques and then embellish them with metal ornaments, chains and/or Swarovski® crystals.  The enamel forms a hard and durable finish after 24 hours  of air drying.

I have an old Mike + Ally collection and want to reorder- can you match the color?

As with all color pigments, time and UV rays are not kind to the original palette. But not to worry, if you send us your original piece – we can match the color within a small variance.

I prefer to see the colors in person.

You can view our newly enlarged color chart online
But for a live experience, we can send a full enamel chip color chart by Fed Ex at a cost of $35.00

What’s the difference between the ‘Flat’ and ‘Pearlized’ enamel colors?

The Pealized enamel has a pearl powder added to the mix which gives it a swirl effect when dry as well as a more formal opulence.  The flat colors are glossy but don’t have the swirls and are considered a bit more contemporary.

I have a special color that I don’t see on your color chart – can it be made?

We can make custom colors but it is a hand process and requries a great deal of time.  There is a $100 surcharge regardless of the number of pieces.  We will send a final swatch for approval before proceeding.

My pump is broken, can it be replaced?
If your pump does not dispense liquid, try first to remove it and soak in warm water. If this fails, we can replace the pump at a cost of $32.  If you have the glass base pump with metal top, the pump is permanently afixed.  You will need to return the entire top (keep the glass base) and we can repair it at the same cost of $32.
Can I purchase extra wastebasket liners?
Absolutely.  We offer a six pack in choice of scallop or straight top.
Please note these are made to size for Mike + Ally wastebaskets.
Why MIKE+ALLY collections are so valuable?

We are the only bath accessory company to manufacture in the United States. We employ local artisans, some whom have been with us for over 20 years.  Our enamel resin is mixed to our standards in Rhode Island and our metal forms are cast in New York. Nothing is machine made.  This all leads to higher costs but allows for finer quality and more control. 

Do I have to use PayPal to check out?
No.  We accept all credit cards. But you will need to click the PayPal button when checking out.
You will have an option to use PayPal or pay with debit or credit card.  Select this function.
Why is the delivery time so long?

All pieces are made to order by Mike + Ally artisans in our New York City studio.  A wastebasket, for example, requires 5 days to produce – one day per side plus the top.  The average turnaround time is 5 weeks.  We like to refer to it as ‘slow fashion’.

Do you stock any collections?

Yes.  All six colors of the Ice Lucite Collection (clear, white, black, smoke, frosted sky, frosted snow) are stock and ship within 2-3 days.  The same is true of the Contours Corian® and Eos Gold and Silver leaf collections.

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