The Swarovski Collection

Swarovski and Mike + Ally celebrate their 125th and 30th anniversaries respectively.  Although a number of years separate the two, both companies share the design and manufacturing principles that have made them leaders in the luxury market.  

Mike + Ally's goal was to develop a partnership with a brand that was well recognized and respected in the luxury fashion industry.  The Swarovski brand is known for its pioneering spirit, setting the trends that inspire designers in over 170 countries with over 250 different cuts and shapes of crystals. With over $7.1 billion in sales, it is ranked among the top 10 fashion brands.

Swarovski’s unique technology uses advanced optical measurement and high precision cutting to produce consistent color and optimal color saturation across all cuts and sizes. The crystals will not fade when exposed to UV, saltwater, sweat and  machine washing. Their brilliance and radiance sets the industry standard. Make your selection below....